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Winter is body care

Our proposal for a winter of wellness


Decontracting massage

To release contractures and muscle and joint stiffness. 

Duration 25 minutes / 50 minutes 


Relaxing Massage 

To relax body and mind. Relieves muscle tension without pain. Gentle, enveloping manoeuvres induce a deep state of well-being. 

Duration 25 minutes / 50 minutes 


Pre- and post-competition sports massage 

A deep massage that releases muscle tension and improves circulation. In pre-race to warm up muscles and prevent injuries. Post-competition it promotes recovery and the elimination of lactic acid produced by sporting activity.

Duration 25 minutes / 50 minutes 


Lymphatic drainage, circulatory and anti-cellulite massage 

To stimulate the lymphatic and venous system, useful for cellulite, swollen legs and ankles, stimulation of the various lymphatic points is combined to increase effectiveness.

Duration 25 minutes / 50 minutes 


Aroma massage or massage with essential oils 

Essential oils extracted from aromatic plants have a unique combination of constituents that interact with the body's chemistry, which in turn affects certain organs and systems. The form of the massage allows the essential oils to be easily absorbed through the epidermis and transported throughout the body; it is used for the treatment of numerous physical and mental ailments and acts on a spiritual level through the aromatic essences.

Duration 50 minutes 


Anti-ageing facial massage 

Digito-pressure manoeuvres that give luminosity and radiance. They fight fatigue and give deep wellbeing.

Duration 25 minutes 

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